Marlins poured concrete for new ballpark

The Florida Marlins poured the foundation for the new ballpark August
14th, 2009. The concrete pour was the first of twelve that will be
needed to complete the foundation for all the super columns.  There
will be approximately 450 different foundation pours that will be held
throughout the project. Those pours will form the foundation for the 12
super columns supporting the roof as well as other load-bearing
This first construction milestone took place
over an 8 foot deep hole, measuring 40 ft. by 40 ft.  A total of
approximately 250 cubic yards of concrete was poured this morning. An
estimated 60,000 cubic yards will be poured in the Marlins New Ballpark
all together.

The concrete crew at the New Marlins Ballpark was
composed of 25 workers. Contractor Colasanti Specialty Services Inc.
spearheaded the foundation work with the help of various Community
Small Business Enterprises (CSBE) and Small Business Enterprises (SBE)
affiliated contractors.

The concrete mix consists of water,
cement, and aggregate with a compressive strength of 6,000 pounds per
square inch (psi). The process of pouring concrete started with
excavating and dewatering of the grounds. Earth forms are then created
in the shape of the foundation and then the reinforcement is set.  This
process was completed today with the placing of the concrete.

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