Time Capsule with Memorabilia from 1997/2003 Championships was buried beneath the Foundation of New Ballpark

In an effort to look back at the past triumphs and look forward to a bright future in Miami, The Marlins ‘Built their Foundation on Two World Series Championships’. A time capsule with memorabilia from 1997 and 2003 World Series Championships was placed beneath the foundation for generations to come.

The concrete poured during the event constituted the foundation of one of the ‘Super Columns’. There will be a total of 12 ‘Super Columns’ supporting the retractable roof for the New Ballpark.

Leading up to Opening Day 2012, fans can follow the ballpark’s progress from a webcam that overlooks the site of the new ballpark.  These pictures can be viewed exclusively at Click on “Camera Control” to the left of the main image and zoom in and out.  You can also click on the archive tab to look back in time. The camera’s orientation is from North to South and images are updated every 15 minutes.


The new ballpark’s footprint will have a south-east orientation, with unobstructed views of Miami’s skyline made possible by six operable glass panels.  The ballpark will be located on the parcel of land bordered by NW 6th Street to the north, NW 4th Street to the south, NW 16th Avenue to the west and NW 14th Avenue to the east. With a capacity of approximately 37,000 spectators, the retractable roof, air-conditioned ballpark will be built on 927,000 square feet on the former Orange Bowl site. The ballpark will celebrate Opening Day in April 2012 and will attract a wide variety of events throughout the

entire calendar year. 

Log on to for more information on upcoming developments.

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