Hard Hat Press Tour


 Marlins Opened the Doors of the New Ballpark Construction Site for an Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Tour


The passing of the 100th day of construction marked a new milestone in the Marlins Ballpark project. The team had been working on erecting the north track super columns which will support the retractable roof. At approximately 130ft in the air, the north track super columns have been topped out and new construction phases are in the works. To mark its progress, the Marlins scheduled a hard hat press tour on Thursday, October 29, 2009.

The tour offered media an opportunity to see firsthand the progress made. Media  had the opportunity to talk to Hunt/Moss engineers about what is being done and what we can expect to see. Marlins executives were also be available to answer questions about small businesses involved in the construction and what it means in terms of jobs for Miami residents.

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