March 1- Marlins released detailed progress of construction at their new ballpark. Reports indicate construction is going as planned and remains on budget. From the Marlins official website:


The construction of the New Marlins Ballpark is progressing according to plan;

         The first two of three segments of the Center Retractable roof truss have been de-centered and moved. The last Center truss erection has begun and is scheduled to be de-centered during the month of March. The Center panels are the final and biggest of the three retractable roof panels. The retractable roof is made up of three panels (East, Center and West) that will move independent of each other or in tandem. When in the open position, the East and West retractable roof panels will roll underneath the Center Panel.

         Interior walls are approximately 90% constructed. Final finishes will be continuing throughout the year.

         The exterior curtainwall system is being installed on the West side, with 140 panels installed to date.

         Seat installation began in February along Baseline Reserved Section 1.

         The main scoreboard video panels have been erected. The Right Field Score Board Panel and fascia ribbon boards began installation in February. Including the main Scoreboard, there will be approximately 46 display boards throughout the Ballpark.

         Sports Lights are installed around the bowl.

         The foundations of the four garages are complete. Tilt up walls in the North garages have been erected the five floors poured. Tilt up walls for the South garages are being erected.


Track the construction of the New Marlins Ballpark by visiting


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